Welcome to the new blog!

Welcome all to my new blog: Coding Coda. Why a new blog? Well, the old one is basically dead. I’ve struggled a long time on writing at the old blog. Why? It was explicitly technology/programming focused. Lately, I’m trying really hard to merge my two favorite “hobbies”: computers and music. I couldn’t bring myself to talk about music all that much on my previous blog. A compounding factor is that my previous blog had largely been focused on the tech I created and worked on at work. However, now that I’m in “The Windows Bunker”, I absolutely can’t talk about work-related tech until our “coming out party.”

So, here we are. I’m doing a reboot of my web presence.It’s about time for me to start focusing on both my hobbies. You will see a good amount of talk about programming and computers still. However, more and more of that discussion will also be focused on music (or audio programming in general). Whether this is about fun MIDI stuff, creating a drum sequencer, etc., there is a lot of cool stuff coming up!

What about the name? Well, I wanted a name that clearly played on the role of computers and music in my life. All of the titles and domains I thought of were terribly boring. Thankfully, I have a creative coworker. So I say a big “Thank You!” to my coworker Harry Pierson (http://www.devhawk.net) for coming up with Coding Coda!

Here’s to new beginnings! In many ways, this feels like the start of “the true me” out on the web. So I’m very excited about this Smile. I hope you all enjoy the journey just as much!

Sunday, April 24th, 2011 Personal

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  • peterkeys88 says:

    sweet spread the good word and enlighten the rest of us newbs.

  • jolson88 says:

    Thanks :). A lot of fun stuff ahead (even more fun when we’re able to ship the next version of Windows :P).

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    Welcome to CodingCoda.com. My name is Jason Olson and I have three passions in life: family, music, and computers. For my day job, I work on the next version of Windows at a small company named Microsoft. Outside of work, I'm a musician and family man. I'm a jazz pianist local to the Seattle, WA and a published arranger/composer for Sound Music Publication. My life tends to be an ongoing battle between my passions for music and computers. Finally, I'm trying to bring these things together!