MDX 9.0 Summer ‘04 Update

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Man!!! This is exactly what I suppose I get for going on such a blogging hiatus. I come back and I can't stop discovering kick butt stuff that is coming out, has been out and I didn't know about, or that I simply forgot about. When catching up on the various blogs I am subscribed I came across an announcement in David Weller's blog about the coming summer update for Managed DirectX 9.0.

Check out David's blog post for the best sneak speak. However, there are some things that I want to highlight here because I am just so darned excited about them.

1) New Samples. This includes some new demos (like how C# can be used as a safe scripting language inside unmanaged games!!) as well as several HLSL (aka Shader Programming) samples.


2) THE BIG ONE FOR ME. Windows Forms-like UI Controls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (is that enough exclamation points?) You have to see the picture on his entry to believe. Basically, think UI controls in DirectX. This is the biggest thing that I felt was missing from DirectX (and perhaps one of the biggest hurdles in getting new game developers developing full games in DirectX). While it is certainly more than possible to write your own UI elements in DirectX (obviously, since it has been done numerous times before), it is not the most simple task for a beginner and it is very time-consuming. Well, no fear anymore baby!!! (And I'm pretty sure I see opacity in those elements in the picture!!!!)


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