Meltdown - Debugging Tips and Techniques for C#/C++ Techniques

1 minute read

While I found this talk interesting, it was a little off base. What it should have been titled was "New Debugging Features in Visual Studio 2005 for Managed Languages." What makes this especially funny for me is that a couple of things happened:

1) The talk started 10 minutes late

2) At the beginning of the talk, he asked how many C# developers there were and only six or seven of us raised our hands (there are maybe 40-50 developers in the room).

3) Knowing that only 10% of us are Managed developers, he then goes on to talk about writing new visualizers and the like (which is NOT available for native C++ developers (as I understand it)). That seemed a bit weird to me. If you're not going to use the information at all, why ask the question (especially when it can negate the purpose of your whole talk)?

Anyways, yeah, I've seen all this stuff at Tech Ed so nothing new here for me. I was hoping it would be a lot lower level since this is largely a development-oriented conference and most of the developers (at least it seems) are C++ developers. Oh well, c'est la vie!


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