Pre-Meltdown Hang

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Well, tonight was the pre-Meltdown hang. Before the hang actually started, Andy Dunn called me up and we decided to walk over and check out the Seattle Public Library whose architecture is talked about widely, evidently. All I could think of was "what a funny looking building." However, it really is incredible. Starting on like the 4th floor, all the books are on a "spiral" where there really isn't any "floors" per se. It's basically one continuous spiral up many floors. Pretty trippy to see that. Anyways, after that we hiked back to the hotel.

The hang was fun. Free drinks and food. Had a good time with Andy, Chris, Jessica, and Todd. It was great after a couple of beers to get Andy talking about us speaking "American" and him actually talking English, and about the fact that *WE* are the ones with the accents (after all, *THEY* are English and it is their language). And then I knew something that would REALLY get him started. So I bated him by saying that what is really messed up is how Football is not Football. OHHHHHHH, good times.

He said something at one point that was pretty darn crazy. I mentioned I was going to blog about it and everyone started laughing. Luckily for Andy, I have a REALLY bad memory and can't even remember what it was (if you're reading this Chris and can remember what it was, make sure to leave a comment).

OH, and Chris was recognized by the ladies heading up the door to the bar. Pretty crazy. He's all famous and crap because of the stuff he went through to get here. JEALOUS.

I'm really excited about Meltdown starting tomorrow. Here is the rundown of the sessions I will be attending over the next two days:


- Best Practices for Windows Development

- Optimizing Windows Games

- The Effects Framework for DirectX 9: Best Practices & Optimizations

- Performance Investigator for Windows (PIX)

- Debugging Tips and Techniques for C#/C++ Developers

- Peer to Peer Connectivity and Communications

- Flight Simulator: Preparing for DirectX 10


- Advanced Lighting Techniques

- Managed and Native Code for Tools Development

- Application Compatibility Testing and Automation using PIX for Windows

- Next-Gen Graphics on Longhorn Revealed, Part 1 (yes, I know it's now "Vista")

- Next-Gen Graphics on Longhorn Revealed, Part 2

- Next-Gen Effects on DirectX

- Direct3D Futures

I can't wait. Well, goodnight!! 


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