Spaceballs - Day 4

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Well, SDL.NET is completely ripped out. Spaceballs is running entirely on GDI+. Believe it or not, I ended up ripping out the entire Messaging system as well. I'm not entirely sure that it is really even needed for this game. In fact, I think it probably _is_ quite overkill.

It's funny, I always get a tingle when ripping out a bunch of code and making the code a lot simpler. I'm still happy as the components are pretty isolated and are still enabled to be unit tested fairly easily.

I think that tomorrow I will crank out a quick and dirty Sprite class built directly on a Bitmap and use that for rendering. I only hope that the rotation capabilities of that or significantly better than that of SDL.NET. Once the Sprite class is built, I will hook up the ship into my PlayController. After that, on to one small enemy :).

As for Visual C# Express, I have noticed a couple of things. For one, I wish there were more refactorings than Rename and ExtractMethod. Also, I do wish they would have kept the add-in capabilities enabled. While Jamie Cansdale has done a wonderful job getting TestDriven.NET to work, I have had no end of trouble trying to get "Test With... Debugger" working. Arg!!! It's frustrating enough that I do wish I was in Visual Studio. But that may also be because I like to have my unit tests, darn it :).

At least after all of this I am only a single day behind schedule. Hopefully I don't run into this again. One thing I have noticed after todays efforts? I'm pleasantly surprised to see how easy GDI+ programming is.

As much as I feel ashamed to admit it, I've _never_ written a C# game using GDI+. I've always jumped to Managed DirectX (or some pre-packaged library like Irrlicht) and only gotten a fraction into the game development process. I'm starting to get the impression that now that I've chosen GDI+, this whole process should go a bit smoother. My other hope is that this will ultimately make the code a lot more accessible to others out there as a lot of the necessary support architecture that one has to put in place with Managed DirectX is not there.

I'm glad that at this point I'm still having fun. We'll see if that's still true in a week :). 


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