More trash talk

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I noticed that in Chris's "latest post", he is merely talking about what technologies he will use, what the game will be, etc. Chris, I'm going to give you a little tip. If you want to win the contest, you have to WRITE SOME DAMN CODE! It's ironic that at the start of your project, you were trash talking me about how I wouldn't get anything done. Where are you now? Huh? For goodness sakes, a guy who has never written a game is further along than you :P. I'm just curious, how does that feel?

Although, I must fully admit, I want to see some updates from Chris on writing code as I want to be able to steal any ideas if necessary to guarantee my victory over him :) (I could care less about winning the 360 as long as I beat Chris (and George, for that matter :))). I also like reading about people's progress on their games as I think the "behind the scenes" aspect is one of the best things you get with blogging.

So, get to blogging tattoo boy :P.

On a different note: George and Rick, you are still in the Portland area right? If so, we should geek out on developing our games together some time :).


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