Spaceballs - Day 10

1 minute read

The tracer bullet is basically all finished now. I have enemies being spawned on a regular basis, the scoreboard is operational, the "Recap" screen is working. The only thing that is not implemented yet is the High Score system and screen. Of course, currently there is only one "type" of enemy and the game stays at an even pace and never "accelerates" to make it harder.

Obviously, there is a lot more work to do. I'm just happy to be at a point where the game is basically entirely functional now. That makes me happy :).

Tomorrow night will probably be spent doing some cleanup and refactoring to make up for today's coding session(s). Once I hook up the High Score system, I will need to add some different types of enemies and add some increased pacing to the game. I will probably also have to tweak the game flow a bit (ship speed, bullet speed, enemy speed, etc.).

Now, to show how truly pathetic I am at art, and to show off my extreme programmer art, I present this screenshot. Just remember that to this point, I am _not_ worrying about graphics. I am worrying about gameplay and functionality. Perhaps posting this screenshot will really make Chris and George think that I will definitely lose :).


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