Spaceballs - Day 22 - Meet My Friend Mister Reaper

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I know I was shooting to get the lives system implemented last night, but I wasn't able to do so because I needed to fill out a bunch of paperwork and do some general catch up on some other tasks (non game-development related, that is). So tonight was my first opportunity to work on Spaceballs since Tuesday night.

I'm proud to say that not only did I get done what I was shooting for (multiple lives for the player as well as the "Get Ready, Set, Go!" countdown at the beginning), I also got done a lot more. I love the feeling of being very productive because the architecture and framework just enables you to be productive :). With the way I had implemented my state management (combined with existence of my new Task Manager), I was able to finish the GameOverState as well as add a death animation for when the player dies. I also added a bunch of prompts throughout play and stuff. What a great feeling!

Now with lives, respawning, death, death animation, game over, etc. all implemented, the functionality and flow of the gameplay is _literally_ feature complete now (must haves + nice to haves). Now I can move on to adding the new enemies, power ups, and such (read: all the fun stuff). I find myself getting more and more confident with each coding session (of getting something fun and complete done by the deadline, not of winning (especially with all the other fun games being done)).

I do have some cleanup left to do after tonight's coding session. This just involves creating a quick UI component that can be re-shared between the various GameStates I have for the Scoreboard area (Score + Lives + Prompt/Possible Message To User). That should take almost no time at all. Perhaps after that I will do a release of the binaries and source for all of you to download (maybe tomorrow night?). Regardless, sharing code and binaries is very easy for me since I have a script that automates the cleanup of the source code, generation of release notes, and creation of the zip files for me.

Once I'm able to do that, I'm hoping that starting tomorrow night and ending sometime Saturday, I can create and finish a HomingSpaceball (charges after the ship wherever you go) and a WanderingSpaceball (moves in random directions). If I'm able to get those done, I would like to extend the HomingSpaceball to break up into four smaller spaceballs when it is destroyed. That should add some more fun to the game.

Now, in the miraculous case that I'm able to get all that done this weekend, I will move on to adding a new weapon (which will require me to finally create a new Weapon class and change my firing mechanism around a bit (once again, shouldn't take that long)) that you will automatically upgrade to at 10k points. When that is finished, the next step will be adding bombs to the player's arsenal that will destroy all spaceballs that are in play when it is dropped. Holy cow, if I could get all that done (even by next Tuesday or Wednesday), I would _REALLY_ be cooking along toward my goal. Perhaps then I could start doing some play testing.

Until next time, that's how the cookie crumbles :).


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