Starting with the Foundations

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I was asked recently what excited me most about the various Vista technologies. While I took a valiant stab at limiting my answer down to a handful of them, the proper answer with the way I feel would have been "what _doesn't_ excite me about the various Vista technologies." Yes, I could get into the various aspects that excite me about Workflow Foundation, Presentation Foundation, and/or Communication Foundation. I will save that for a later blog post though. Save to say, I'm extremely stoked right now about doing some development with all the different Foundation technologies. I think I'm going to do some deep-diving into Workflow Foundation for a while though :).

So, after a hiatus for almost a year (has it really been that long?), I will be spending time again getting into the various Vista technologies that are coming our way. So stay tuned in the future for more Vista updates :).


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