Vista, How I Love Your Balloons, Let Me Count The Ways…

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As you readers out there may or may not know, I'm a fan of all things games. Heck, you could probably sell me a hunk of plastic if you were able to somehow convince me that it was in fact a game (double-whammy if you were able to convince that it was somehow a football game). This piece of news might help explain why such a little piece of sweet Vista toast can make my evening (although, I must admit, it may have been more "balloon" than it was "toast").

I was in the process of installing Visual Studio 2005 into my VM of Vista Beta 2 this evening when a little nugget popped up to say hello. As Visual Studio was installing, I turned on my XBox 360 to do, well, what we XBox 360 owners do of course (disclaimer: if you do not presently own, or have never owned an XBox 360, it is strongly encouraged that you "waddle right out" and purchase one, post haste [ED: I added the phrase "waddle right out" since the legalese that my "lawyer" (aka "Hugsy, the Bed Time Penguin Pal") came up with was rather drab and boring]).

When the 360's beautiful, glorious, green light came to life and lighted up my life, Vista gave me a little surprise as well. It appears that Vista and the 360 are in fact long lost friends and, to my surprise, Vista shouted with joy when they were finally re-united again. Stargate (aka my Vista box (hey, I've never claimed *not* to be a geek you know)) informed me that not only did he know my 360, but that he would be more than happy to share all his possessions with the 360. The price? Only a few clicks. Heck, that's a price I'm more than willing to pay. After a couple clicks here and there, my Vista machine was ready to share media with my 360 and be inaugurated into our big, happy family. Slap me silly and call me "Mr. Fan-Of-Interconnected-Devices-Who-Are-Easy-To-Setup-And-Share-And-Party-With."

I haven't dug into the depth of this sharing experience yet, but you can bet your bottom dollar that I will start playing around with it this weekend. I'm sorry for such an "over the top" post, but I get so excited when I encounter technology that makes my life better and makes the geek in me cry with joy (and for those who know me, you know I'm large enough to *literally* have an entire geek within me to begin with (dare I say that I, indeed, may actually have a living and breathing geek within my bell-eh (it would certainly explain all the muffled shouting I hear from time to time))).

If only all things in my life could be so easy...

Note: I know that a good amount of this type of functionality is available with Media Center Edition, but alas, I do not have that and this is my first "media sharing" experience with the XBox


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