I, Microsoftie

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I can now finally blog the big news that I've been _dying_ to share with everyone. I'm proud to announce that I will soon officially become a Microsoft employee. I have accepted an offer to be a Technical Evangelist on the Developer and Platform Evangelism Team working with Longhorn Server. That's right, baby! Technical Evangelist!!! I'm really looking forward to the challenge, the never-stop-learning experience, and everything else about the position.

I feel so lucky that I will be getting the opportunity to work with amazingly smart people such as (in no special order): Vitorrio Bertocci, Volker Will, James Conard, Matthew Winkler, and Neil Hutson (the ones I met during my interview loop).

I would like to send out a thank you to Steve Cellini for giving me my final interview and providing me with some more insight into what the purpose of Evangelism is.

I also would be remiss to not send a "shout out" to Steph Coleman, the recruiter who recruited me in the first place, and without whom this would not be happening to me at this time :). I will be creating a new post detailing my recruiting experience and how the whole process went (so stay tuned).

So, thank all of you for the opportunity and I look forward to working with all of you!


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