Snow Days, Snow Days

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Yesterday we saw our first snowfall of the year (at least, sticking-to-the-ground-wise) in the Redmond/Kirkland, WA area. While the Microsoft campus was technically "open" today, all major services (read: shuttles, reception, cafeterias, etc.) were all closed. So, in that sense, I consider the campus "closed" in practice. Since the roads are an absolute mess, I decided staying home today was the best option.

I went out for some food last night and learned my lesson. While I did get home safely, it took about 1.5 hours to get 16 city blocks. Not fun, in the least.

This was also Jasmine's (our doggy) first measurable snow fall as well (at least enough to play in). And now, the jury is in: Jasmine Loves Snow. I decided I wasn't going to let this moment slip past me, so I whipped out the camera (which reminded me, I really need to get a _good_ digital camera).

Here's the view from our back porch this morning (it was a couple inches deep in places):

Jasmine playing in the snow:

And, the aftermath of Jasmine playing in the snow (what a cute puppy!!!!):

This time of year is definitely a beautiful one :).


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