Podcasts and Game Development

1 minute read

I don't know why, but apparently it has taken me until now to finally "get" podcasting. The interesting part though is that the .NET-type podcasts aren't the ones that have really caught my attention. No, it has been the game development and other video game-related podcasts that have caught my eye.

The one that got me started was GDC Radio. It has a bunch of game development-related podcasts that are excellent. I've loaded up on a bunch of them to get ready for my 10 hour flight to Amsterdam on Saturday. One particular one that sounds interesting is an interview they did with Bioware on 'Creating a Monster RPG.'

I dug through the iTunes podcast directory (the more I use iTunes, the more I love it (that, and my iPod)). That led me to a bunch of podcasts on video games and video game reviews. Just what a video game geek like me likes :).

Now, when I'm packed into the sardine can stuffed with high oxygen levels for exorbitant amounts of time this weekend, I can zone out and listen to these podcasts while getting all doped up on apocalyptic amounts of caffeine and pretending that I'm on some far-off safari voyage across the picturesque lands of the Serengeti (although I don't know why I would exactly do that as I'm not much of an outdoor person (I suppose it just sounds better than "playing Final Fantasy 3 on my Nintendo DS Lite")).


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